Topic: Marijuana

Does Medical Marijuana contain high amounts of THC? 

In most studies on the safety of Marijuana, the ‘high dose,’ of flower product for smoking was usually 8-10% THC.  In OK dispensaries, you can buy flower products in the 30% THC range and other products in the 70-90% range.  The products are called ‘concentrates,’ for a reason.  They can look like wax, butter, or resins. 


Marijuana that has been confiscated during arrests has been shown to increase in strength/potency each year.  In the 1990’s most tested at 8%, and in the late 2010’s it was at 14%, showing that black market Marijuana is stronger.

Does the Medical Marijuana Card cover accessory products like waxes or THC gummies?

Yes, you can buy THC in any form you want.  You can also formulate these products in your own home too. I’m not sure if this also covers pipes, rolling papers, etc., but I assume it does.


The most recent numbers I’ve seen for the Cards indicate that over 9% of Oklahomans (nearly 400,000) have a Marijuana Card.

Are there restrictions on parents buying certain strengths of cannabis products for minors?

Not in OK.  In fact, OK has not established a definition of what a ‘dose,’ is.  The Card is an approval to try THC for the illness, condition, or disease, not a prescription.

Can it be laced with fentanyl or is that only a danger when the marijuana is sourced from private growers?

Licensed, legally operating dispensaries will only sell products that have been tested in a certified lab that would detect Fentanyl or other chemicals that shouldn’t be in there.  If someone grows their own flower products it should be safe.  However, if you buy it from an illegal dispensary or a ‘dealer,’ you have no guarantees that it’s safe to use.

Is it prescribed to minors under 12 in Oklahoma?

Minors can use Marijuana products with the permission of two doctors, rather than the 1 doctor requirement for adults. Minors as defined on the OMMA website is, Oklahoma residents aged 0-17.  However, you must be over 21 to purchase, so there are Caregiver Cards for this purpose.  An adult caregiver will go to the dispensary for the minor.


There isn’t a prescription written in most cases, but there may be Dr guidance for patients that I’m not aware of.  Traditionally, a prescription will say the dosage, time of day to take the medication, frequency (twice day) and duration (for next 10 days) for the course of treatment.  The card gives the patient permission to try Marijuana.

Is there any perceived advantage to the user of choosing one dispensary versus another? 

Pricing, store hours, location, product selection, and customer service will all determine dispensary choice.  Each dispensary can have product from different growers, especially if the dispensary owner/operator is also a licensed farm.  They can feature their own products.

Can officers detect if illegal strains of marijuana are being utilized?

Once the product leaves the dispensary, there is no way to tell where it originated, unless they do expensive DNA on the products. There’s no requirement to have patient name on the container/products purchased and the patient can put that product into any container they wish.

More FAQs to be added in the future. If you do have other questions about Marijuana or any other substance, please reach out to steve@swoda.org