Planning Services

About Planning Services

Since the creation of the South Western Oklahoma Development Authority, one of the primary missions has been to provide planning and technical assistance to local units of government. SWODA is an extension of local governments. These local governments jointly fund SWODA staff in order to provide essential services, which would not be feasible to have on their own. These services may require fees to the requesting party.

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Local and Regional Capital Improvement Planning Act of 1991 (CIP) sets out a framework that encourages planning for future development, growth and improvement through inventory and analysis, policy development and implementation strategy. SWODA staff works with the municipality to collect inventory details including all city owned assets. The information is compiled into a database, which is then connected to digitized maps.

Federal Project Review and Comment

Another key role of SWODA has been to provide review and coordination for federal, state, and local government projects. This function eliminates duplication and waste in resource management and development, and minimizes conflicts in environmental issues.

Historic Preservation and Development

Providing program assistance in downtown redevelopment, historic preservation, the Oklahoma Main Street Program, and the Certified Cities Program is a service SWODA offers.