911 Administration

SWODA and 911 Administration 

South Western Oklahoma Development Authority (SWODA) provides management services through a written agreement with the Southwest Oklahoma Regional 911 Association. SWODA acts as the administrative agency on behalf of the Association under this agreement for the acquisition, implementation and operation of the regional emergency telephone network. SWODA's Executive Director serves in the same capacity for the 911 Association; however, the 911 Association's Board of Directors determines policy and sets annual assessments.

SWODA's Enhanced 911 (E-911) emergency telephone service provides addressing and establishing E-911 dispatch capability in seven counties; Beckham, Blaine, Custer, Harmon, Kiowa, Roger Mills and Washita. (Jackson and Greer counties each have their own countywide 911 service.) The seven counties united and formed the Southwest Oklahoma Regional 911 Association; its purpose is to establish E-911 service to each county's residents in the cities, towns and rural areas.

Each county appointed members from its community, from commissioners to business private individuals, to represent their perspective counties on the Southwest Oklahoma Regional 911 Association's Board of Directors. With each county working together sharing resources and ideas, a more efficient and unified 911 system can be established.

Contact Director of E911: Mary Harris

Email: 911@swoda.org 

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