Community/Economic Development


Contact Mary Peck at SWODA to schedule an action-planning activity for your community.


Bring a fresh approach to economic development strategy. Participant interaction, not Power Point lectures, is the catalyst for success. Session design allows for everyone’s opinion to be considered, not just the loudest voice. Local residents contribute, listen and connect to create a positive entrepreneurial/business growth climate for their community.

South Western Development Authority provides Success Southwest as a service to local communities to assist with entrepreneur development and business growth. An overview of the service’s goals is as follows:

  • Engage locally-elected officials, business owners, citizens and other interested parties to strengthen the participation or creation of local economic development groups within local communities.
  • Promote economic development through collaboration, discussion of issues, evaluation of ideas and implementation of objections to enhance the local group and serve as a support base for prospective entrepreneurs.
  • Create economic development strategic plans which include identification of economic assets and liabilities, community’s economic vision and goals, objectives and steps to reach and evaluate them.
  • Provide local leaders guidance on creating an entrepreneurial/business growth climate in their community.
  • Provide assistance to business owners and local leaders in creating economic development plans, implementing strategies and recruiting/retaining/expanding local business.