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The Southwest Oklahoma Rural Transportation Planning Organization (SORTPO) Public Participation Plan (PPP) has been developed to assure that the transportation planning process conducted by the Southwest Oklahoma Rural Transportation
Planning Organization (SORTPO) complies with Federal requirements for public involvement and participation. This document presents the goals of the Southwest Oklahoma Rural Transportation Planning Organization for public participation and involvement, as well as the public involvement procedures designed for various Rural Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPO) activities. These procedures will provide opportunities for citizens to contribute ideas and opinions early and at
every stage of the planning process. Efforts will be made to assure participation in the transportation planning and programming process by traditionally underserved individuals, including elderly, low income and minority individuals, persons with disabilities, and persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).

The Southwest Oklahoma Rural Transportation Planning Organization will, to the extent reasonable and practical, ensure that the PPP will address the requirements for RTPO public involvement as identified in 23 CFR 450.210 Rural Planning Process: Elements. Copies of these requirements are found in Appendix A of this document.

The public participation plan process is to inform citizens, groups, and organizations about specific decisions likely to affect their lives, ensure that planning and decision-making consider views and inputs from stakeholders, and resolve issues and problems taking into consideration multiple interests and concerns. Above all, public participation processes encourage citizens and organization to take an active participation in their community-related transportation issues, building a relationship for better communication and cooperation.

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