SWODA and Burns Flat/Dill City FFA to Host Community Planning Activity: Everyone Invited

posted Nov 2, 2015, 7:56 AM by Mary Peck

The Burns Flat/Dill City FFA and the South Western Oklahoma Development Authority have teamed up to host a four-day community planning activity for Burns Flat. Attendance is open to everyone with sessions scheduled for Monday, Nov. 9; Tuesday, Nov. 10; Wednesday, Nov. 11; and Thursday, Nov. 12; in the Burns Flat/Dill City Ag Ed Room at the Burns Flat/Dill City High School. Session times are 8:54 a.m. each day. Participants can come to all four sessions or just the ones that fit their schedule.

 This community planning activity brings a fresh approach to economic development strategies. Participant interaction, not Power Point lectures, is the catalyst for discussions. Session design allows consideration of everyone’s opinion--not just the loudest voice. Local residents contribute, listen and connect to create a positive entrepreneurial/business growth climate for their community.

 Participants will be looking at demographical data for Burns Flat and discussing the good things and not-so-good things about the community and Burns Flat’s community needs. Once needs are identified, they will be prioritized and a roadmap for accomplishing the highest-ranked needs will be created.

This community planning activity will give these FFA members real-life experience in community development and working in a youth-adult partnership to make improvements.

Find more information about our planning activities on our website, agyouth.com/success-sw-development.html or contact Mary Peck, SWODA business development and marketing associate, at (580) 445-1359 or at mary@swoda.org.