Masonic Charities Assistance Program Helps Local Citizens

posted Mar 15, 2012, 9:25 AM by Latia Murray

It’s frustrating for senior citizens who, after paying basic living expenses, medical deductibles and prescription costs, realize there’s no money left for other necessities that would improve their health, safety or quality of life.

South Western Oklahoma Development Authority (SWODA) Area Agency on Aging provides programs such as the Masonic Charities Assistance program, dedicated to improving the lives of senior citizens.

This year, the Masonic Foundation distributed a total of $750,063 statewide to agencies such as SWODA. “We provide these funds to fill gaps in existing programs for seniors 55 and older to enhance their quality of life,” said John Logan, Masonic Foundation Executive Director.

Each agency receiving Masonic Charities funding, such as SWODA, is responsible for determining the needs of seniors applying for assistance and disbursing the funds accordingly.  This resource fills such a great need in southwest Oklahoma, that all of the funds have usually been disbursed by the end of March each year.

“Our area has greatly benefited from the Masonic Charity Assistance Program,” said James Boyd, SWODA Aging Services Director. “This funding has helped provide for seniors who wouldn’t normally be able to afford things such as dentures, dental work, smoke detectors, hot water heaters, home safety repairs and handicap accessibility improvements…the list just goes on and on.”

For more information about the Masonic Charities Assistance Program or other SWODA Area Agency on Aging programs, visit www.swoda.org/aaa