Local Libraries Joining Effort to Help Citizens Find Jobs

posted Oct 4, 2012, 12:11 PM by Latia Murray

Local libraries are joining the effort to help jobseekers find employment by offering Oklahoma’s new job matching system, www.Okjobmatch.com. The Southwest Workforce Investment Board, staffed by South Western Oklahoma Development Authority (SWODA), helps lead the effort in the southwest area to promote the Workforce System and assist employers and job seekers in the area to make the best employee/employer matches.

The web-based system allows job seekers to connect from any device with Internet access. Not everyone is fortunate enough to own their own device or have Internet access, so availability of this important service can be limited to where and when a person manages to be able to use public Internet resources, like a public library computer. 

“Realization that public libraries in Western Oklahoma have a great deal of computer traffic and are open for more extended hours than some Workforce Centers led us to prepare and present training on okjobmatch.com to multiple library systems in southwest Oklahoma,” said Kathie Price, Southwest Workforce Investment Board Director.

Western Plains Library director, Jane Jantzen, arranged for all librarians in the system (which contains seven libraries in four counties) to attend the training and get a chance to see how www.okjobmatch.com could be an asset for library patrons.

“Many library customers regularly do job search from the public-use computers, and www.okjobmatch.com is a way for them to create a resume and then match their skills to jobs which are posted on electronic job boards in our region, state, and even across the country,” said Price.

Staff members at the Elk City Public Library have also been trained on the system. “We have people come use our computers to look for jobs, and we’re excited to be able to help with the system. It could really make a difference,” said Pat Sprowls, Elk City Library Director.

Price is currently working with the director of the Southern Prairie Library System based in Altus to expose their librarians in two more counties to this job search tool so they can promote it for their patrons as well.

For more information about www.okjobmatch.com, contact the Southwest Workforce Investment Board or your local library.