Legislators present over $1 million in grant funding

posted Apr 18, 2016, 6:11 AM by Mary Peck

The South Western Oklahoma Development Authority (SWODA) and Oklahoma legislators presented over $1 million to 41 different communities on Friday, Feb. 19. Senator Mike Schulz, Representative Harold Wright, Representative David Perryman and Representative Todd Russ presented Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) grants and Community Enhancement of Nutrition Assistance (CENA) grants.

Every year SWODA helps rural communities in the southwest area apply for REAP and CENA grant funding, which helps to improve the lives of citizens in rural communities, improve infrastructure and promote economic growth and stability in rural areas. After the legislature approves appropriations, SWODA awards the grant funding.

REAP grant funding is often the only resources small, rural communities can depend on to get things done. Citizens of rural communities usually have to travel to larger communities for their daily needs and as a result pay taxes in those communities instead of their own. REAP funding is a way of giving those tax dollars back to the rural communities.

CENA grant funding assists rural communities in providing nutritional meals for senior citizens through various community or volunteer programs.

Communities receiving REAP grants are as follows:

·       Roger Mills Co./Upper Washita Conservation District, $11,993 for utility/vehicle trailer for watershed maintenance;

·       Town of Cheyenne, $41,850 for water treatment plant improvement project;

·       Town of Corn, $69,750 for wastewater lagoon project;

·       City of New Cordell, $69,750 for water line replacement project;

·       City of Hollis, $60,450 for construction of water treatment plant;

·       Town of Headrick, $29,760 for water system improvement project;

·       Town of Eldorado, $69,750 for sanitary sewer improvements;

·       Town of Foss, $55,048 for clean and paint water storage tower;

·       Jackson Co./Warren Fire Department, $41,850 for construction of new fire station;

·       Beckham Co./RW, S&SWM District 1 in Beckham County, $69,750 for water system improvement project;

·       Town of Custer City, $69,750 for waterline replacement project;

·       Town of Arapaho, $64,610 for installation of SCADA System—water and sewer department;

·       Jackson Co./Friendship Fire Department, $39,911 for purchase of fire fighter gear and equipment;

·       City of Erick, $69,750 for street improvements;

·       Town of Sentinel, $69,750 for waterline replacement project;

·       Jackson Co./Jackson Co. Rural Fire Department, $22,705 for purchase of repeaters for emergency communications.

Communities receiving CENA grants are as follows:

·       Arapaho Senior Citizens, $460, for food;

·       Berlin Community Center, $4,161, for paint interior, bathroom sink and food;

·       City of Altus, $1,700, for utilities;

·       City of Erick, $8,520, for food;

·       City of Hollis, $1,700, for small equipment, shelves, vacuum and utility carts;

·       City of Mangum, $1,700, for copier with install;

·       Cordell Senior Citizens Center, $10,440, for food;

·       Corn Senior Citizens, $1,700, for insurance, utilities and supplies;

·       Custer City Senior Citizens, $4,023, for food and utilities;

·       Dill City Senior Citizens, $6,951, for food, supplies, vacuum, chairs and insurance;

·       Hobart Senior Citizens Center, $9,480, for food;

·       Lone Wolf Senior Citizens Center, $9,600, for food;

·       Mountain Park Senior Citizens Center, $8,923, for food, utilities, repairs and facility enhancement;

·       Roosevelt Senior Citizens Center, $7,728, for food, propane and cleaning supplies;

·       Sayre Senior Citizens Association Inc., $1,700, for door installation, building permits and dishwasher;

·       Sentinel Senior Citizens Center, $6,360, for food;

·       Snyder Senior Citizen Group, $10,200, for food, supplies, paint and utilities;

·       Town of Blair, $6,960, for food and supplies;

·       Town of Canute, $1,700, for tables, chairs, refrigerator and vacuum;

·       Town of Carter, $1,700, for tables and chairs;

·       Town of Cheyenne, $1,700, for dishwasher rental;

·       Town of Cooperton, $1,700, for utilities and insurance;

·       Town of Eldorado, $5,640, for commercial refrigerator and hot water heater;

·       Town of Gotebo, $1,700, for food;

·       Town of Granite, $1,700, for commercial refrigerator and commercial can opener;

·       Town of Hammon, $10,320, for food, supplies and travel;

·       Town of Mountain View, $1,700, for utilities;

·       Town of Reydon, $4,860, for HVAC system, utilities and insurance;

·       Town of Rocky, $1,700, for dishwasher rental and utilities;

·       Town of Willow, $2,829, for food;

·       Warren Senior Citizens Inc., $8,400, for food and utilities;

·       Washita County/Cowden, $1,700, for insurance and utilities;

·       Washita County/Cloud Chief, $1,700, for utilities and insurance;

·       Weatherford Senior Citizens, $1,700, for facility door repair.

SWODA comprises eight counties—Beckham, Custer, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Kiowa, Roger Mills and Washita—covering over 7,000 square miles and approximately 110,000 residents. For more information about SWODA grant programs, contact the South Western Oklahoma Development Authority at (580) 562-4882.