Legislators Present Over $1 Million in Grant Funding

posted Jan 25, 2013, 8:37 AM by Latia Murray

Legislators gathered with local community officials at the South Western Oklahoma Development Authority (SWODA) to present over $1 million in grant funding.

Senator Mike Schulz, Representative Harold Wright, Representative David Perryman and Representative Todd Russ presented Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) grants and Community Enhancement of Nutrition Assistance (CENA) grants. The grant funding was part of the Oklahoma State Legislature appropriations from the last session.

Every year SWODA helps rural communities in the southwest area apply for REAP and CENA grant funding, which helps to improve the lives of citizens in rural communities, improve infrastructure and promote economic growth and stability in rural areas. After the legislature appropriations are decided, the grant funding is then awarded through SWODA.

“REAP is very important to me as a legislator,” said Representative Harold Wright. “We nearly lost it a few years ago, but we as rural legislators, really stuck together to keep it in the budget. It’s your taxpayer dollars, and we will continue to fight for that.”

REAP grant funding is often the only resources small, rural communities can depend on to get things done. Citizens of rural communities usually have to travel to larger communities for their daily needs, and as a result pay taxes in those communities instead of their own. REAP funding is a way of giving those tax dollars back to the rural communities.

Many rural communities also help to provide nutritional meals for senior citizens through various community or volunteer programs.

“CENA funding is a staple in helping those communities to continue to provide this type of assistance to senior citizens,” said James Boyd, SWODA Director of Aging Services. “This funding will help to feed approximately 900 senior citizens per week in our eight county area.”

The legislators present, democrat and republican alike, all conveyed the same attitude of sticking together to serve the needs of western Oklahoma. “We all get calls from each other’s districts and that’s okay,” said Senator Schulz. “If you have an issue, call us. We’re all here to serve western Oklahoma.

Communities receiving awards include:

City of Altus, Sr. Center equipment - $3,800

Senior Citizens of Arapaho, food, equipment, & supplies - $250

Berlin community Center, food, equipment, & insurance - $4,550

Town of Blair, equipment, facility improvement, & supplies - $4,120

Cheyenne Senior Citizens, equipment, & facility improvement - $3,800

Cloud Chief community center, food, equipment, utilities, & supplies - $740.40

Cordell Senior Citizens Center, food & supplies - $17,940

Corn Senior Citizens, utilities, supplies, & insurance - $601.20

Cowden Community Center, food, utilities, supplies, & insurance - $1,294

Dill City Senior Citizens Center, food, facility improvement, & supplies - $3,800

Town of Eldorado, facility improvements - $525.32

City of Erick, meals purchases - $8,000

Town of Gotebo, food, & meal delivery costs - $2,476.94

Town of Granite, equipment - $3,800

Town of Hammon, food, meal delivery (fuel), & supplies - $17,940

Senior Citizens of Hobart, food - $11,400

City of Hollis, equipment - $3,000

Senior Citizens Center of Lone Wolf, Inc., food, supplies, & utilities - $12,000

City of Mangum, equipment - $3,000

City of Mt. Park, food, equipment, utilities, supplies, & insurance - $15,200

Opportunities Inc. of Clinton, food, equipment, meal delivery, & supplies - $17,940

Town of Reydon, food, equipment, supplies & insurance - $10,000

Town of Rocky, equipment, & utilities - $3,800

Roosevelt Senior Citizens Center, Inc., food, fuel, facility improvement - $6,204.60

Sayre Senior Citizens Association, equipment, & facility improvement - $4,485

Town of Sentinel, food & supplies - $3,000

City of Snyder, equipment - $2,161.17

Warren Senior Citizens, Inc., food, equipment, utilities, supplies, & ins. - $9,000

Weatherford Senior Citizens, equipment - $3,053.28

Town of Willow, food, facility improvement, utilities, & supplies - $2,250

Town of Roosevelt, Sewer lift station improvements - $17,957

Town of Headrick, Purchase of fire truck/equipment - $99,861

Town of Blair, Waterline Replacement Project - $99,945

Town of Cheyenne, Purchase of backhoe machine - $89,290

City of Sayre, Street improvement project - $100,000

City of Mangum, Purchase of oil and chip materials/street improvements - $100,000

Town of Burns Flat, Cleaning and painting of water storage tower - $100,000

City of Erick, Construction of water storage tank - $100,000

Town of Lone Wolf, Purchase firefighting equipment - $42,935

Town of Arapaho, Water wells improvements - $98,197

Roger Mills Co./Upper Washita Conservation District, Purchase of utility trailer - $7,500

Town of Granite, street improvement project - $100,000

Town of Texola, purchase of firefighting equipment - $24,396

For more information about SWODA grant programs, contact SWODA at 580-562-4882.