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What if our REAP project comes in under budget?
Once a project is complete and all contract obligations have been met, an entity may submit a request to the SWODA Board of Trustees requesting permission to use remaining funds. The request must further enhance the initial project goal. Contact Debora Glasgow at SWODA for more information.

How do I get reimbursed for the REAP project?
Once an entity has incurred an expense toward the REAP project, paid invoices along with the REAP Claim Document are to be submitted to Debora Glasgow, Director of Community and Economic Development, P.O. Box 569, Burns Flat, OK 73624. Reimbursement will be sent to the entity within two weeks of submittal to SWODA.

Download the REAP Claim Document here.

Will we be notified when grant money can be spent?
Yes. The awardee will be notified by mail. The notification will include an instructional letter along with the REAP project contract.

When can we spend money on the REAP project?
No money can be used or expended until there is a contract between the entity and SWODA. Spending money on the project prior to contract execution could jeopardize funding.